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Like or not, we live in a connected digital world that is ever changing. The use of digital & social media in your dialogue isn’t an option, it’s a must.

We can also help to strategically integrate a digital approach within your wider marketing and communications dialogue.  We can support your team through training, developing skills in digital and social as needed or even become your digital and social team if that is applicable.

We believe in developing digital strategies that stand alongside conventional communication and marketing dialogue creating a joined-up approach that is both cost-effective and scalable.

  • Digital for web and mobile
  • CMS using WordPress
  • Integration of Social Media
  • Development of digital & social presence
  • Digital design of content and delivery

Our reasons for using WordPress as the CMS of choice is because it is quick to develop, allows for a clean design, easy to use, off the shelf, developed by millions of users and is cost-effective.

WordPress is opensource where the only costs associated is for hosting and development. For charities and not for profit clients this is an essential consideration. Cost of development is typically 50% less than the nearest equivalent opensource platform such as Drupal or Joomla.